[Climat] "S/T" (Post Rock)
[P.U.T.] "Like Animals" (Noise, Sludge/P.O.G.O. Records, Dismember Records)
400 the Cat "Stf Helix Nebula" (Noise Hardcore/Eardrum Terrorism, Swarm Records, Ocinatas Industries, Braincrushing Records, Editions Horripeaux, Assos-Y-Song, Trendkill Records)
7 Weeks "Carnivora" (Grunge, Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Abraham "The Serpent, The Prophet and The Whore" (Sludge/Pelagic Records)
Absolutist "Ave" (Crust Hardcore/Swarm Of Nails Records, Suburban Mayhem Records)
Abused "S/T" (Hardcore)
Abysse "En(d)grave" (Metal Expérimental/Blue Wave Recordings)
A Failing Devotion "S/T" (Métalcore/Nao Noise Prod., Dream On Prod.)
Agatha Cruz (Rock/White Skirt Records)
Agrion Splendens "S/T" (Post Hardcore, Metal/Braincrushing Records, A l'ombre de cette vie)
Alea Jacta Est "Gloria Vicits" (Hardcore/Useless Pride Records)
Alkalys "A pack of lies" (Post Hardcore/Voix Lactée, Basement Apes Industries)
All Dogmas We Hate "Astronomical Distances" (Metalcore)
Alt "I'm a Dancer", "I'm a Model", "I'm a Singer" (Rock)
Alternine "2.0" (Rock, Pop)
Ancre "Nacre" (Math Rock/Echo Canyon Records, Adagio 830 Records)
An Ocean of Void "S/T" (Metal Progressif)
Aphrodite's Baby "90" (Math Rockin' Hardcore/Hell Vice I Vicious Records) 
Arms of Ra "Unammed" (Sludge, Post Hardcore/Swarm of Nails Records)
Asidefromaday "Chasing Shadows" (Post Hardcore, Sludge/Division Records)
Ass of Spades "Sleep When You Die" (Rock, Hard Rock/Heimathome Records)
Australasia "Sin4tr4" (Post Rock, Experimental/Golden Morning Sounds Records)
Backtrack Lane "Black Truth and White Lies" (Rock)
Bagheera "Drift" (Metal/Hungry Ghosts Production, Finisterian Dead End)
Battle of Britain Memorial "The Aftermath Of Your Bright Beings" (Screamo Post Rock)
Bear Brawler "Tales of Deadly Addictions" (Stoner)
Bias "State of Mind" (Punk Rock)
Black Knives "The Rise" (Hardcore Beatdown/Useless Pride Records)
Black Pigeon "Mauvaise diagonale" (Punk Rock français / Géraldine Records, Shotdown Records, Panda Records)
Black Table "Sentinel" (Sludge, Doom Atmosphérique/Monotonstudio Records)
Black Willows "Haze" (Heavy Rock Psychédélique)
Bone Dance "S/T" (Crust Hardcore/Melotov Records, Throatruiner Records, Prototype Records)
Burning Bright "Domesday" (Hardcore, Screamo/North Cult Records)
Calvaiire "Rigorisme" (Hardcore Barré/Throatruiner Records)
Cathedraal "Voix Blanches" (Screamo Sombre)
Catherine Graindorge "The Secret of us all" (Experimental/Dépôt 214)
CCW "Scream and Live" (Metal Electro, Rock)
Chabtan "Eleven" (Metal)
Chère Catastrophe "Quitte à tout perdre" (Noise Rock, Punk)
Checkmate "Immanence" (Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Cleave "The Circle" (Hardcore mélodique/Street Machine Records)
Coilguns & Kunz "Split" (Math Hardcore, Noise Rock/Pelagic Records)
Coilguns "Stadia Rods" (Math Hardcore Massif/Dead Dead Dead Music)
Coilguns & Never Void "Split" (Math Hardcore Massif, Grind, Crust/Dead Dead Dead Music, Invektiv Records, Savour Your Scene Records, Hummus Records)
Coilguns "Commuters" (Math Hardcore Deluxe/Pelagic Records, Hummus Records)
Colossus Fall "Sempervirens" (Math Hardcore)
Colossus of Destiny "Eden" (Sludge Metal/Hellbound Records)
Cortez "Phœbus" (Noise Hardcore, Post Hardcore/Basement Apes Industries, Get A Life ! Records, Throatruiner Records, Lost Pilgrims Records)
Cosmonauts Day "Paths Of Restless" (Post Rock/Domino Media Group)
Cowards "Shooting Blanks And Pills" (Sludge/Throatruiner Records, Hellbound Records)
Crabs "Dull" (Post Punk/Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu)
Crimson Rain "Mankind is Obsolete" (Rock, Metal Progressif)
Daggers "Euphoria" (Crust Hardcore/Twelve Gauge Records, Holy Roar Records) 
Dead Like Me "S/T" (Hardcore/Left Hand Records, After Before Records, A l'ombre de cette vie, Show me your Tits Records)
Demented "Across the Nature’s Stillness" (Death Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Deuil "Acceptance / Rebuild" (Doom, Sludge)
Devianz "À Corps Interrompus" (Rock)
Direwolves "Me from Myself, to Banish" (Punk Hardcore, Crust/Throatruiner Records)
Dirty Shirt "Freak Show" (Metal, Trad Roumain)
Dirty Sound Magnet "What Lies Behind" (Rock/Phenix Records)
Drawers "All is one" (Sludge metal/Slowburn Records)
Dwail "Helter Skelter" (Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Dwail "The Human Concern Part 1" (Metal, Hardcore Rock 'n Roll/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Earthship "Iron Chest" (Sludge, Stoner/Pelagic Records)
Eating Shit "Bon Appétit" (Electro Grindcore)
Eating Shit "Supersonic Black Metal" (Electro Grindcore, Black Metal)
Eepocampe "When Things Get Abstract" (Rock/Domino Media Group)
Ef "Delusions of Grandeur" (Post Rock/Pelagic Records)
Eibon "II" (Doom, Black Metal/Throatruiner Records, Aesthetic Death Records)
Elizabeth "Where Vultures Land" (Punk Hardcore/Throatruiner Records, I For Us Records)
Ellipse "L'Ampleur du vide" (Metal Hardcore)
Every Reason To... & The Dawn "Split" (Hardcore Sludge/Prototype Records, Trendkill Records)
Every Reason To... "Anonyme anonyme" (Hardcore, Sludge, Blues/Trendkill Records)
Fashion Week "S/T" (Rock, Noise/Coextinction Recordings)
Falling Down IIV (Compilation)
Family "Portrait" (Heavy Rock, Progressive/Pelagic Records)
Fireback "Wake Up" (Metalcore)
Flashfalcon & Los Dissidentes Del Sucio Hotel "East Side Story" (Rock 'n Roll, Stoner/Deadlight Entertainment)
Floating Wood "Demo" (Post Core)
Floating Wood "S/T" (Post Core) 
fragment. "Temporary Enlightenment" (Shoegaze, Drone/OPN Records)
Furaya "Virescit vulnere virius" (Fury Hip hop Hardcore/Id Records)
G.M.B.C. "Complete Omnivore" (Bagarre/En Veux-Tu ? En V'là ! Records)
Gameboy Physical Destruction "S/T" (Rock Electro Noise/Flying Oyster Digital Industries)
General Lee "Raiders of the Evil Eye" (Post Hardcore, Punk/Play The Assassin Records)
Geraniüm "S/T" (Crust/Contraszt! Records, Lubic, Up The Punx Records, Acid Folik, Dingleberry Records, Tanker Records, Crustatombe, Deviance, Emergence Records, Bez-AK47, Subversive Ways, I Feel Good Records, Orchid Scent, Cadavre Exquis, Gehirn! Records, Perce-Oreille, Desertion Records)
Gerda & Dead Like Me "Me And Gerda Are Both Dead Like You" (Noise Hardcore/Prototype Records, Left Hand Records, Swarm Of Nails Records, Not A Pub, Wallace Records, Shove Records)
Gliding Soul "Travelling with Mr. Who" (Metal, Rock, New Metal)
Grand Central "01"  (Hardcore 'n Roll/Hellvice I Vicious Records)
Grip "Running with scissors" (Power rock/Nosedungs Records)
Groovy Shiva "GROOVY#SHIVA" (Groove Hardcore)
Hark "Mythopoeia" (Power Sludge/Destructure Records, SuperFi Records)
Haut & Court "La Vie" (Math Crust)
Hell Paradise "Enemies of Ourselves" (Rock, Metal/Nosedungs Records)
Hippycore & Over The Top "Split" (Punk Hardcore/Univers Sale)
HyperDump "Rational Pain" (Metal Crossover/Klonosphere, Season of Mist) 
Hyperdump "Syncretism" (Metal Crossover/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Hypno5e "Acid Mist Tomorrow" (Metal Expérimental/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Incrüst "A Hate Named Revolt" (Crust Hardcore)
Indurain "S/T" (Noise Rock)
Inertia Pills "Behind the Skyline" (Post Hardcore, Screamo)
In Other Climes "Empty Bottles & Wasted Nights" (Metal Hardcore/Spook Records)
Inside Project "A History Of Violence" (Metal Hardcore/Eye Of The Dead Records)
In The Guise of Men "Ink" (Metal)
Jenx "Enuma Elish" (Metal Indus/Klonosphere, Season of Mist) 
Jumping Jack "Trucks and Bones" (Rock Stoner/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Jungbluth "S/T" (Punk Hardcore, Crust)
Junkyard Birds "Freewheeling Freewill" (Stoner/Dead Bees Records)
Kabul Golf Club "Le Bal du Rat Mort" (Noise, Rock/Uproar for Veneration Records)
Karma Zero "Architecture of a Lie" (Metalcore)
Karnysera "À l’aube d’une fin" (Dark Metal Electro)
Kehlvin "The Orchard of Forking Paths" (Sludge Hardcore/Division Records)
Ken Mode "Venerable" (Noise Hardcore/Profound Lore Records, Init Records, Throatruiner Records)
Kess’khtak "Nurturing Conditions for Rupture" (Death, Grind/Sigma Records, Edms)
Khoma "All Erodes" (Post Rock/Pelagic Records)
Klone "The Eye of Needle"  (Metal Progressif/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Klone "The Dreamer’s Hideway" (Metal Progressif/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Kohlhaas "S/T"  (Metal/Not a Pub)
Kollapse "S/T" (Crust, Hardcore/TNS Records, Never Trust An Asshole, 5FeetUnder Records, Throw Me Off Balance Records)
Komah "Between Vice and Virtue" (Metal/Spinal Records)
Kursed "Miaow" (Rock)
Labasheeda "Castfat Shadows" (Rock, Pop, Noise/Presto Chango Records)
Labirinto & thisquietarmy "Split" (Post Rock, Ambient, Drone/Consouling Sounds, Dissenso Records, Pirate Ships Records)
Last Barons "Cheval de Troie" (Rock/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Last Train "What's wrong with me ?" (Rock)
Le Dead Project "Keep On Living"  (Hardcore Ouvert/Dingleberry Records)
Le Minus "Make my Day" (Fusion, Heavy Rock)
Lilium Sova "Epic Morning" (Noise, Free Jazz/Calofror Records)
Lizzard "Out of Reach" (Rock Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Lo! "Look and Behold"  (Sludge Hardcore/Pelagic Records)
Lo! "Monstrorum Historia" (Sludge Hardcore/Pelagic Records)
Loading Data "Double Disco Animal Style" (Stoner Rock/A Quick One Records)
Lopsided "Holda's Grace" (Rock, Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel "Arcane" (Stoner/Deadlight Entertainment)
Magoa "Animal E.P." (Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Manimal "Multiplicity" (Metal)
Mechanical Leech "S/T" (Death Crossover)
Memories of a Dead Man "V.I.T.R.I.O.L." (Metal Post hardcore/Klonosphere, Season of Mist, Karoshi Entertainment)
Mental Architects "Celebrations" (Math Rock)
Meredith "S/T" (Rock Noise)
Mesryne "Cette Chaleur" (Rock Alternatif/Rockcitarn Prod)
Monsieur Brenson "S/T"  (Noise Rock/Gabu Records)
Morse "S/T" (Noise Hardcore/Head Records)
Mörse "S/T" (Punk Hardcore, Stoner/Eastrain Records)
Mudbath "Red Desert Orgy" (Sludge, Doom/Redrum Records)
My Own True Desire "What better Times than now" (Post Rock)
Naïve "Illuminatis" (Metal, Rock, Progressif)
Nephalokia "Sunshine" (Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Never Void "Coma" (Punk Hardcore, Metal, Grind/Hummus Records)
New Assholes "Récits d'Ivres" (Rock 'n Roll/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Nine Street Arago "Avenir Imparfait" (Metal Fusion/Skalopards Prod’z)
Nocturn Deambulation "The Grand Opening" (Metal Conceptuel)
Noein "Infection – Erasure – Replacement" (Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Nojia "Solarchitect"  (Post Hardcore/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Nolentia "One Loud Noise and It's Gone" (Grind and Roll/No Master Voice Records)
Nonsun "Good Old Evil" (Sludge, Drone)
No Omega "Shame" (Punk Hardcore/Throatruiner Records)
No Sun in San Francisco "Principles and Particles" (Post Hardcore)
Nothing For Free "Speeches are Useless" (Punk Rock Mélodique)
Now, Voyager "Seas" (Metal)
Obey The Brave "Young Blood" (Metal Hardcore/Distort Entertainment, Epitaph)
Octahed "Circum Polaris" (Metal)
One Second Drive "S/T" (Punk Rock)
Order of 315 "Near-Birth Experience" (Metal)
Pal "And Out Your Mouth"  (Noise Hardcore/Prototype Records, Rat Romance Records)
Pictured "The Strand of Time" (Thrash Death Mélodique/Finisterian Dead End, Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Pigs "You Ruin Everything" (Noise Hardcore/Solar Flare Records)
Plebeian Grandstand "How Hate is Hard to Define" (Chaos Hardcore/Basement Apes Industries)
Plebeian Grandstand & Cortez "Split" (Chaos Hardcore, Noise Hardcore/Throatruiner Records, Basement Apes Industries, Get A Life! Records)
Plymouth Fury "Vaudeville" (Rock Noisy)
Pord "Valparaiso" (Noise Hardcore/Réjuvénation, Prototype Records, Ocinatas Industries, Contreplaqué Records, Gaburecords, P2C Records)
Primitive Man "Scorn" (Sludge, Drone/Throatruiner Records, Mordgrimm Records)
Process of Guilt "Fæmin" (Sludge Doom/Division Records, Bleak Recordings)
Profond Barathre & Rorcal & Malvoisie "Split" (Black Metal Ambient/Calofror Records)
Promethee "Nothing Happens, Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes" (Metal Hardcore/Bad Mood Records)
Purified In Blood "Flight Of A Dying Sun" (Metal/Indie Recordings)
Quartet Aqueux "La vérité vraie sur l’histoire de Fidel Gastro & Che Chepaquoi" (Rock très alternatif (mais alors très !))
Rebecca White "Demo" (Rock)
Renfield "S/T" (Noise Hardcore, Grind)
Rise Of The Northstar "Demonstrating My Saya Style" (Hardcore/H.I.M Média, Believe, La Baleine)
Rorcal "Villagvege" (Doom, Black Metal/Calofror Records, Lost Pilgrims Records, SickManGettingSick Records, Wolves and Vibrancy Records)
Scarred "Gaïa - Medea" (Death Metal, Progressive/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Seaholder "HD855 12b" (Metal Atmosphérique, Expérimental)
Sedative "Viceroton" (Death Grind)
Sektemtum "Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil" (Black Metal/Osmose Productions)
Selenites "Animaltar" (Post Hardcore/Ruin Your Fun, Moment Of Collapse, Maximum Douglas Records)
Serments "Erotic Drive" (Metal)
Seven Daily Sins "Say Yes To Discomfort" (Death Metal Progressif/SFC Records)
Shaking Godspeed "AWE" (Massive Bluesy Rock/Suburban Records)
Shineski "Leave you in the Dark" (Rock/Tentacled Records)
Siamese Queens "Rehearsal Sessions EP" (Rock Noise/Kuistax Records)
Six Days After "Therapy" (Hardcore Mélodique/Nao Noïse Production, Dream On Production)
Slide On Venus* "Topless" (Power Pop/Brlu Note Records, Domino Media Group)
Sliver "Generation A" (Rock, Metal)
Sliver "Disobey Giants" (Rock Indie) 
Slogan & Hir*shima m*n am*ur "Incipit"  (Rock Experimental)
Snaf "La légende de Bill" (Rock/Bill Prod')
Sobornost "Raw Laws" (Rock Noise/Redrum Records)
Sofy Major "Permission to Engage" (Noise Hardcore Sludge/Odio Sonoro Records, Basement Apes Industries, Atropine Records, Bigoût Records, Prototype Records, Solar Flare Records)
Sofy Major & Membrane "Split"  (Noise Hardcore/Basement Apes Industries, Impure Muzik, Prototype Records, Bigoût Records, Ocinatas Industries) 
Spylown "Depth" (Metal/Heimathome Records)
Stuntman "The Target Parade" (Noise Hardcore/Prototype Records)
Subcity Stories "Behind the Memory Tree" (Post rock/Not a Pub)
Subcity Stories "The End" (Post Rock, Noise Rock/Not a Pub)
Sunpocrisy "Samaroid Dioramas" (Post Hardcore Progressif)
Tang "Dynamite Drug Diamond" (Post Hardcore Mélodique/Emolution Records,Twist & Shout)
Taste The Void "Sun's Heat" (Post Hardcore)
Tears of Hope "Acoustic Meetings" (Pop Folk)
Temples of Noise "Still alive in our minds"  (Compilation/Prototype Records)
The Enterprise "Nebula Maximus" (Punk, Noise/Polze de la Mort Records)
The Fawn "Collegium" (Folk, Post Rock/Hummus Records)
The Great Divide "Tales of Innocence and Experience" (Hardcore Mélodique/Useless Pride Records)
The Old Wind "Feast on your gone" (Post Hardcore/Pelagic Records)
The Phantom Carriage "Falls" (Math Hardcore, Black Metal/Throatruiner Records, Theater Records, Braincrushing Records)
The Prestige "Black Mouth" (Hardcore, Post Hardcore/Basement Apes Industries, Tangled Talk Records, Enjoyment Records, Brain Ache Records)
The Shaking Sensations "Start stop worrying" (Post Rock/Pelagic Records)
This Gift Is A Curse "I, Gvilt Bearer" (Sludge/Discouraged Records, Monotonstudio Records, Braincrushing Records, Bloated Veins Records, Enjoyment Records)
This Life "S/T" (Punk Hardcore)
Through My Eyes "Fearless" (Hardcore/Useless Pride Records)
Together "Prologue" (Rockin' Hardcore/I For Us Records)
Trepalium "HNP" (Death Metal Groovy/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Tribute to Tantrum "We Fucked Up Our Lives" (Noise Hardcore/Prototype Records, Trendkill Records)
Un Automne de Plus "Ces Sombres Reflets d'Hiver" (Post Rock)
Un Automne de Plus "2010" (Post Rock)
Under the Abyss "A Wavering Path" (Metal)
Unfold "Cosmogon" (Sludge, Post Hardcore/Division Records)
Vagiant "Gospel According To Vagiant" (Noise Rock)
Valve "S/T" (Sludge Doom) 
Verdun "The cosmic escape of the Admiral Masuka"  (Doom Sludge/Head Records, Throatruiner Records)
Versions "A Clearer View" (Metalcore)
Volte Face & Corbeaux "The Meeting Point" (Post Rock, Rock, Electro)
VS "Just a sigh, Part 1" (Trip Hop, Post Rock/Frozen Records)
Vuyvr "Eiskalt" (Black Metal/Throatruiner Records, Blastbeat Mailmurder Productions)
Wardhill "S/T" (Stoner, Punk/GPS Prod)
Wardhill "A Pledge to Lava" (Stoner, Metal/Urgence Disk Records, Hannibal Records, GPS Prod)
Watertank "Sleepwalk" (Rock, Stoner/Solar Flare Records)
Weaksaw "S/T"  (Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Weaksaw "James Huston Jr" (Metal)
When Icarus Falls "Aegan" (Post Hardcore/Get a Life! Records)
White Sparrow "The Anchor" (Emo Rock)
Whorls "S/T" (Sludge, Black Metal/Bookhouse Records)
Whourkr "4247 Snare Drums" (Digital Grindcore/Ad Noiseam Records)
W.I.L.D. "Agony of Indecision" (Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Wonderbar "S/T"  (Rock Grunge)
Woodwork "S/T" (Hardcore Old School)
Yattaï "Fast Music means Love"  (Grindcore/Junky Monkeys Records, Underground Pollution Records, Douchebags Records, Horned Terrör Incarnated Productions, Nuclear Alcoholocaust Records, Rewolucja Records, No Way Asso, Crustatombe Records)
Yog "Half The Sky" (Math Grind/Division Records) 
Ysun "Slaughter at dusk" (Death Grind/Inhuman Homicide Records)
Zapruder "Straight from the Horse’s Mouth" (Math Hardcore, Post Hardcore)