Karma Zero "Architecture of a Lie" (Metalcore)
Shineski "Leave you in the Dark" (Rock/Tentacled Records)
Fashion Week "S/T" (Rock, Noise/Coextinction Recordings)
Jungbluth "S/T" (Punk Hardcore, Crust)
Geraniüm "S/T" (Crust/Contraszt! Records, Lubic, Up The Punx Records, Acid Folik, Dingleberry Records, Tanker Records, Crustatombe, Deviance, Emergence Records, Bez-AK47, Subversive Ways, I Feel Good Records, Orchid Scent, Cadavre Exquis, Gehirn! Records, Perce-Oreille, Desertion Records)
An Ocean of Void "S/T" (Metal Progressif)

Saturn (Punk Rock)
Monkey Comes From Heaven (Punk Rock)
Zapruder (Math Hardcore, Post Hardcore)
Manimal (Metal)
Colossus Fall (Math Hardcore)
Mudbath (Sludge, Doom)

Hell Paradise+Saturn+Machete @ Black Sheep le 1/11/12
Bias+ Ghost on Tape + Shell Corporation + Uncommonmenfrommars @ La Dynamo le 7/11/12
Summer Mosh Party 2012 @ La Dynamo le 06/07/12
Groezrock Festival @ Meehrout les 28 & 29/04/12
Joni+Indurain+Abused @ Up & Down le 21/05/12
 Gojira+Warattah @ Le Rockstore le 30/04/2012

Kursed (rock)
Cortez (post hardcore)
Chabtan (metal)
Alt (rock)
Yattai (grindcore)
In Other Climes (metal hardcore)
Weaksaw (metal)
The Phantom Carriage (blackened hardcore)
Volte Face & Corbeaux (post rock)
Vuyvr (black metal)
Groovy Shiva (groove hardcore)
Primitive Man (sludge)
Coilguns (hardcore)