Noein "Infection – Erasure – Replacement" (Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Ass of Spades "Sleep When You Die" (Rock, Hard Rock/Heimathome Records)
CCW "Scream and Live" (Metal Electro, Rock)
Lopsided "Holda's Grace" (Rock, Metal/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Dwail "The Human Concern Part 1" (Metal, Hardcore Rock 'n Roll/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)
Hyperdump "Syncretism" (Metal Crossover/Klonosphere, Season of Mist)

Checkmate (Metal)
Saturn (Punk Rock)
Monkey Comes From Heaven (Punk Rock)
Zapruder (Math Hardcore, Post Hardcore)
Manimal (Metal)
Colossus Fall (Math Hardcore)