White Sparrow "The Anchor" (Emo Rock)
Bias "State of Mind" (Punk Rock)
Nothing For Free "Speeches are Useless" (Punk Rock Mélodique)
Wardhill "A Pledge to Lava" (Stoner, Metal/Urgence Disk Records, Hannibal Records, GPS Prod)
Black Willows "Haze" (Heavy Rock Psychédélique)
Alternine "2.0" (Rock, Pop)
Eating Shit "Supersonic Black Metal" (Electro Grindcore, Black Metal)
Loading Data "Double Disco Animal Style" (Stoner Rock/A Quick One Records)
Labirinto & thisquietarmy "Split" (Post Rock, Ambient, Drone/Consouling Sounds, Dissenso Records, Pirate Ships Records)
All Dogmas We Hate "Astronomical Distances" (Metalcore)

Checkmate (Metal)
Saturn (Punk Rock)
Monkey Comes From Heaven (Punk Rock)
Zapruder (Math Hardcore, Post Hardcore)
Manimal (Metal)
Colossus Fall (Math Hardcore)